Backlink Supercharger Module 2

Backlinks RSS Feed Creator

What it does:

  1. Goes to every page and creates RSS feeds for each static HTML page
  2. Combine all RSS feeds into a single feed

Feed Generator

Give Your Feed a Title:

Your website's URL:

Location for XML to be stored:
This is the location where you will have the XML file stored.
Ex: Please fill in the host of this script, or your feed will not validate.

Give Your Feed Some Descriptions:

Alternate Description:

This description is used if the script is unable to find a meta description of the page.

Links: (one per line, must include http. Example:


Append to description:

This text will be added to the end of the description of each entry in the feed. This is Not Required

How to use:

Feed Title:
This is the main title of your feeds. It act as defaults should the spider cannot find a suitable META title from your HTML page. We suggest you to use your main keyword in this field for best SEO benefit.

Website Link:
This is the link to your main website. We will create a link back to your website which is visible within the RSS feed. Subcribers and Search Engine spiders can also visit this link embeded within the feed.

Location for XML to be stored:
To get a W3C Validated feed, you must key in the host of this script. For example, if you access this script at then you have to put this in the text. If you do not require a validated feed, leave this blank. When you send this feed for validation, please use the full URL, ie: If you test the validation without the www, it will fail.

Feed Description:
Write some keyword optimized descriptions. This will help your RSS feeds to be more defined in the eyes of the Search Engines. It serves as the main description that describe this feed.

Alternate Feed Description:
The descriptions here will be added to each feed within the ONE Feed if our spider cannot find a suitable META description. We strongly recommend you add a keyword optimized description to this field so each item within the feed has a description.

Page URLs:
Put in all the URLS of pages you want to create RSS feeds. You can add as many as you like, separated by newlines. We would recommend not more than 20. If you have more than 20, simply divide them and create a new master feed.

Text to append:
This are the texts to be appended at the end of the feed, it is optional.

Once you get the RSS Feed, remember to ping it at:

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